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Tiles have been a solution for home decoration for many years. They offer durability, appealing aesthetics, impermeability, and ease of cleaning. However, choosing the perfect tile depends on several factors, such as the location and its function, the environment, and the style you want to accomplish. One of the most popular materials for tiles is porcelain, and if you look for high-quality porcelain tiles in Montreal or Laval, Ceramm is undoubtedly the right place to go. In this blog post, we’ll show you how porcelain tiles can transform your home’s decor and make your space look stunning for years to come.

Elegant Backsplashes:

Backsplashes are a unique way to add charm to your kitchen or bathroom. There are many options in the market, from classical materials like marble to modern ones like glass tiles. However, porcelain tiles have become increasingly popular for its high resistance to water, heat, stains, and scratches, as well as its versatility in design. Ceramm has a large selection of backsplash tiles in Montreal and Laval that will fit any decor style you have in mind.

Durable Flooring:

When it comes to your home’s flooring, you want it to be both tough and beautiful. Porcelain tiles have without a doubt proven to be an excellent flooring material for high-traffic environments like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. Moreover, porcelain floor tiles come in various colours, patterns, and sizes, ranging from natural looks like wood and stone to geometric shapes, allowing you to create unique patterns that match the style of your house. Finding high-quality porcelain tiles in Montreal and Laval has become easy with Ceramm’s extensive collection.

Ceramic Tiles for Walls:

Ceramic tiles for walls are an excellent alternative to conventional wall ornaments like wallpapers. They are easy to clean, fire-resistant, and will preserve the beauty of your walls for years. If you look for unique ceramic tiles in Montreal, Ceramm offers trendy, timeless, and classic options for any area in your house, including living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

Stylish Bathrooms:

Undoubtedly, porcelain tiles are a superb material for your bathroom. Ceramm offers porcelain tiles for showers, walls, and floors, combining elegance and functionality. In addition, porcelain tiles are quite easy to clean and maintain, offering great resistance to stains, mould, and odours. Furthermore, Ceramm provides excellent solutions and provides top-quality porcelain tiles in Laval and Montreal, design-wise and colour-wise, that will ensure your dream bathroom comes to life.

Customer Service and Quality:

Ceramm prides itself on offering the highest quality porcelain and ceramic tiles in Montreal and Laval. Their stock fits effortlessly into each house’s design, style, and character, giving your space its unique appeal. Their knowledgeable staff and designers are always motivated to offer exceptional customer service, from the tile selection to installation, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied. In addition, Ceramm is the place to go when looking for ceramic stores in Montreal.


Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are unique materials that can transform your home decor. They offer an extensive variety of options and applications, from your walls and floors to your backsplashes and bathrooms. With Ceramic solutions from Ceramm, you can unlock your home decor’s full potential, bringing elegance, style, and functionality to any room in your house. Whether you’re remodelling your home or building a new one, consider going to Ceramm to find the highest quality porcelain tiles in Montreal and Laval. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find what you need and guide you through the tile selection, installation, and maintenance processes.

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